How I Became An Expert on Health


How I Became An Expert on Health

Some Remedies to Reduce Herpes Symptoms

Sexually transmitted diseases or STD includes genital herpes which is brought about by the HSV Type 2 virus. Around 1 out of 6 people today are infected with the herpes virus. People are not seeking for ways to completely remove the virus from their bodies. Yet, most of them have been disappointed at realizing that the herpes virus cannot be removed from the body. At present, there is no known permanent cure for genital herpes.

What is good is the herpes outbreak can be controlled in some ways. They will be glad to hear that the herpes virus can be controlled and that there are some remedies that can stop the spread of the disease. These are not over the counter medications.

The herpes virus does not leave the body but it always waits for an opportunity to attack. When do these opportunities come? The outbreak of herpes can be triggered by many factors. Stress, improper diet lifestyle, sickness, or sudden changes in temperature are some of the factors that can encourage herpes attack. The best thing you can do is to consult your doctor so you can find a way to approach treatment of the virus.

If there is no permanent cure of herpes, then what you can to is to manage it and to prevent its outbreak. There are many home genital herpes cures that are available to help those who are suffering from the disease to handle it and o prevent its outbreak.

If you want to treat your herpes, then you should have proper nutrition and a good diet lifestyle. Herpes is developed by the kind of foods that you eat. So, if you are suffering from this condition, you need to be careful what you eat and only focus one eating foods that can help regulate the appearance of blisters in your genitals. The foods that can help control the outbreak of herpes include cranberries, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli.

Topical creams are very helpful to give temporary relief to the disease. You can try using herbals creams like aloe Vera, red marine algae, eucalyptus, and more. These herbs help soothe and reduce swelling in the areas that are affected by the diseases. You can purchase these topical creams separately or you can also mix these herbs for a blended natural treatment.

Increasing the amount of lysin and decreasing arginine levels in your body will also help. it is easy to purchase lysine pills from your local drug store or health establishment. If you continue eating sweet and fatty foods then the levels of arginine in your body will increase. Arginine helps to spread the virus in your body. The spread of herpes can be controlled if you eliminate sweet and fatty foods from your diet.

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